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Anime LJ Layouts

because your journal deserves anime love

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Welcome to animeljlayouts, a community for the anime lovers who want to show it through their Livejournals. I'm the founder/head moderator, scarlette_eyes, my 2nd moderator is nekura_yamiyo, and my 3rd moderator is mellacious. This community will show anime, manga and/or video game layouts that people have taken the time to make. And ANYONE is allowed to post their own anime layouts to share. But this community is now Members Only!!!! Like every other community, there are rules and such. So get your reading on. ^_~

Community Rules

1. NO posts just asking about animes, or simply talking. This community is for LJ Layouts ONLY so try and keep any posts on topic.

2. GIVE PROPER CREDIT!!!! I am a credit nazi so please, PLEASE give credit. ESPECIALLY credit the artists for ANY layouts you use from our community in your userinfo if they haven't stated how they'd like to be credited otherwise. DO NOT DISRESPECT US BY BREAKING THIS RULE!!!!

3. Since these are ANIME, MANGA and/or VIDEO GAME layouts I ask that if you use a picture that you even think for a second could be a spoiler to the series...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Put it under an lj cut and mark it as a spoiler for whatever anime/manga it might be. If you don't know how to use an lj-cut then go here.

4. DO NOT take ANY overrides/codes from an artist without proper permission.

5. DO NOT EMAIL THE MODERATORS ABOUT OUR LAYOUTS!!!! We have lives and other things we need to take care of. Leaving a comment in our entries is plenty fine. It won't be immediate but we will see the comments and we will respond. Unless stated otherwise, DO NOT EMAIL US!!

6. YOU MUST COMMENT IF YOU ARE GOING TO USE ANY OF OUR LAYOUTS!!! It is mandatory. It takes not but a minute to comment and say "I'm going to use this layout".


8. If you're caught plagerising ANY work that is posted in this community, you will be immediately bann from the community. To make sure it is clear I'll say it again, If you're caught plagerising ANY work that is posted in this community, you will be immediately bann from the community!

9. Individual artists are allowed to make a post saying they will take requests for a certain amount of time. Otherwise REQUESTS ARE NOT ALLOWED!!! However, if you feel the need to suggest an anime/manga/game that you'd like to see layouts of go to our Suggestions List and follow the criteria there.

Posting Rules

10. If you're posting a layout you made to share with this community, you have some extra rules to follow. You need to have the following information in your post/entry:
-A preview of your layout no larger than 300x300 px {as of right now these do not have to go behind an LJ cut}
-This EXACT information:
Anime/Game/Manga: {Is it an Anime, Manga, Game? This helps us organize the layouts}
Name: {Naruto, Escaflowne, King of Thorns, Devil May Cry, ect.}
Layout Style: {S1 or S2}
Screen Resolution: {800x600+, 1024x768 only, ect.}
Browser Compatibility: {Firefox & IE, IE only, Firefox Only, ect.}
Custom Colours: {explain what custom colours need to be used for this layout}
Default Icon: {Did you make a default icon to match the layout?}
FO Banner: {Did you make a Friends Only banner to match the layout?}
Credit: {Describe how the member will credit you for the layout}
Navigation Strip: {Does it work with the navigation strip?}
Sponsored+: {Does it work with a Sponsored account?}

12. To post overrides put them in a text area box.


12. IT MUST BE YOUR OWN WORK!!! Just because you think someone did a good job on their layout and you should share it doesn't mean that you can share it here. You can only share layouts YOU'VE made yourself.

13. If you alter any background images or images you use for your layout, Leave a link to where you found the original picture. I'd like to avoid any problems that might arise from not crediting.

14. You are allowed to make an entry stating that you will take requests. You are required to make the guidelines VERY clear.
-Example: I'll make a layout for the first 10 people whom comment to this entry and request a layout. You must provide a picture you want me to use for the layout, ect.

15. You can link back to your journal and cross-post AS LONG AS YOU MAKE SURE TO STATE WHERE THE LINK IS GOING TO TAKE THE PERSON!!
Example: (Fake Cut back to my graphic journal)

If you break these rules you will be added to the BLACK LIST. You are given 3 chances. After that I must bann you. If there isn't order, there is chaos and no one likes a community with chaos. PLEASE obey the rules so I don't have to feel like a meanie when I warn you. >_< If the rules are broken too often I will be forced to make this community a "members only" community and if the problem continues I will monitor who is allowed in the community from that point on. I'm trying to allow EVERYONE a chance to use our layouts so please, don't mess it up for everyone by breaking the rules.

Layout Sites!

a community packed with tutorials to help teach you how to make your own layout!

Zinzibar at Livejournal
heard to be one of the greatest places to get textures/brushes/ect.

request a layout!
a community for requesting layouts!!!

find some more layouts!
a place to find other fandom layouts



Want to affiliate with us?? Just email me and we'll be happy to!! We also accept icon journals because EVERYONE knows no layout is complete without some kickass icons to go with it!! Affiliation=Friends! And we LOVE friends!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I'm the moderator, scarlette_eyes so if you have any questions let me know by emailing me at scarlette.requests [at] gmail.com or if you can't reach me ask the 2nd moderator, nekura_yamiyo, the 3rd moderator mellacious. If you're new you can see what this community has made so far by looking in our memories where the layouts are organized by anime/manga/misc. But those are only viewable to members. Thanks for joining and I hope you enjoy our community! >_<

To stay in touch add a link to your journal!

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